Her entire squad quit before the state cheerleading competition. She cheered anyway.


Her entire squad quit before the state cheerleading competition. She cheered anyway.

Cheerleading is supposed to be a team activity. Most squads have anywhere from 10 to 20 cheerleaders and some have even more than that. But one squad in Nebraska had just four girls, and less than two weeks before the Nebraska State Cheer and Dance Championships, all but one cheerleader had quit.

Most kids would’ve followed suit so close to a big competition and without teammates, but Katrina Kohel, a senior at Morrill High School, decided she was still going to compete—even if it meant she would have to do it alone. Talk about being brave in the face of disappointment. This girl decided she was going to cheer in the competition and she did, without much care for what others thought.

The competition wasn’t just the next town over. It was five hours away, so Kohel and her coach, April Ott, really had to mull it over before committing to making that drive, according to Business Insider. In the end, the teen decided that she didn’t want to just sit in the crowd or stay home; she wanted to perform the routine she spent so much time learning. But the routine required the entire squad, so before they could make the trip, they had to figure out how to make it a one-person routine.

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Rescue canines dress up as Jamie Lee Curtis’ movies characters to celebrate her SAG Awards win

Jamie Lee Curtis recently won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role for her film, “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” at the 2023 SAG Awards. But she sure has another reason to cherish her victory. A group of canines celebrated her win by dressing up in some of her iconic roles, as reported by PEOPLE. The adorable canines are from a non-profit animal rescue organization, Paw Works. An animal rescue organization started in 2014, based in Southern California. It has helped rescue more than 12,500 abandoned dogs.

The photographs of these rescued canines were posted on their Instagram page on Tuesday. They were pictured in their special outfits and placed next to Curtis’ shots from her movies. The post was captioned, “We want to extend a huge congratulations to our friend @jamieleecurtis for her SAG wins this past weekend! To show our admiration and appreciation for you and your work, some of our rescues (with the help of their humans 😜) have replicated some of your memorable personas!”

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TikTok’s scarily precise, too-real beauty filter has people rightfully freaked

Normally, I’m good with the way my face looks. (One of the gifts of your late 40s is fully embracing your face in all its glory.) But I was surprised to find that the longer I used that filter, the more…well, homely my real face started to feel. There’s just no way for my real face to compare to the model-like one in that video, because this filter isn’t just a faux makeup job. It basically gave me plastic surgery, botox and a Photoshop airbrush to boot, and as overdone as it is, looking in the mirror after making that video really did trigger some insecurities about my real face that I didn’t think I had.If a beauty filter can make me start to feel “meh” about my looks, I can only imagine what it’s doing to the psyches of young women who don’t have decades of life experience and confidence-building behind them.

Visual artist Memo Akten shared a thread on Twitter illustrating how scary these unreal-yet-too-real filters are, with examples from women illustrating how they do a number on our brains.

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Fans had the best response after Emilia Clarke was mocked by gamer for sharing candid selfie

Emilia Clarke is best known for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” Clarke was 24 years old when she took on the iconic role, and during the filming process, she survived two life-threatening brain aneurysms. The actress has since become an advocate for other survivors of brain trauma, not to mention a fabulous role model for relentless optimism.

It is now 12 years after “Game of Thrones” premiered. Understandably, Clarke does not look the same way she did when she was a younger woman (after a lengthy stint in the makeup chair and under well-curated lighting, no less). And yet, a candid selfie that was posted to her Instagram received multiple remarks lamenting that her face looked different than it did over a decade ago.

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Disneyland’s Evil Queen hailed one of the good guys for making an autistic boy feel welcome

Disneyland is coined “the happiest place on Earth” thanks in no small part to people who work there—particularly the performers. Sure, the rides are fun, but a lot of the magic comes from being able to interact with real life versions of characters we’ve fallen in love with from the movies.

That’s why people are hailing the Evil Queen, who had a very special encounter with an autistic teen boy, as the park’s true hero. She is one of many performers going out of their way to make sure everyone gets to be part of the fun, reminding us of what makes Disney so special in the first place.

now-viral TikTok video shows the Evil (or maybe not-so-evil) Queen approach 15-year-old Thomas to offer a feel of her soft cape.

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