3/2/23: Republicans Battle Over East Palestine Aid, Trump Surges 2024 Polls, Saagar Interviews Vivek Ramaswamy, Insulin CEO Cuts Prices, Havana Syndrome Debunked, China Threatens Elon Over Lab Leak, Media Mogul Arrested for Fraud, Lab Leak Coverup Shields Fauci, Branko Marcetic on Ukranian Democracy

Krystal and Saagar discuss the Republican civil war over East Palestine Aid, Corporate media caught running Railroad propaganda, Trump surging in all Republican 2024 polls, Fox stunned as Diner voters back Trump over Desantis, Saagar presses Vivek Ramaswamy on his 2024 run, Insulin company Eli Lily cuts insulin prices, the Havana Syndrome is debunked, China threatens Elon Musk over Lab leak tweets, Krystal looks into Fake Media Mogul at Ozy media is arrested for fraud, Saagar looks into the comparisons between Iraq WMD’s and Lab Leak, and Branko Marcetic (@BMarchetich) from Jacobin joins us to talk about the media’s lies on Ukranian democracy.

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Timestamps: Intro: (0:00) Republicans Battle on Ukraine Aid: (1:32) Media Railroad Propaganda: (11:38) Trump Surges 2024 Polls: (20:39) Diner Voters for Trump: (29:26) Saagar Interviews Vivek: (34:12) Eli Lily Insulin: (49:59) Havana Syndrome Debunked: (57:35) China Threatens Elon: (1:05:21) Ozy Media Mogul Arrested: (1:11:52) Iraq WMD 2.0: (1:21:53) Branko Marcetic on Ukraine Democracy: (1:30:39) EoS: (1:44:24)

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