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Tennessee’s Largest County Plans on Studying Slavery Reparations, and more

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Tennessee’s Largest County Plans on Studying Slavery Reparations

Shelby County, Tennessee, which includes Memphis, voted on February 22, 2023 to study reparations for descendants of African slaves. This county is Tennessee’s largest and its recently passed resolution will allocate $5 million to review and find…

Feb 26, 2023Big League Politics

El Nino Speaks 75: Chaos on All Fronts

Share How chaotic are things getting on the world stage? Geopolitical and cultural commentator The Prudentialist joins El Nino Speaks to make sense of all of the insanity taking place domestically and internationally. Will the rest of the 21st…

Feb 26, 2023Substack

Vermont Takes a Bold Stand for Financial Freedom By Working to Eliminate Sales Tax On Precious Metals

Elected officials in Vermont have recently introduced a bill that would repeal all taxes on precious metal purchases. JP Cortez of the Sound Money Defense League noted that this move comes “on the heels of overwhelming votes to remove all taxes from…

Feb 25, 2023Big League Politics

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