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Solving the ‘conspiracy theory’ crisis caused by our corrupted institutions

The mainstream media was finally forced to admit the truth last week after research published in the Lancet revealed that natural immunity acquired from COVID infection provided protection either equal to or superior to that granted by two doses of mRNA vaccine. Outlets like NBC News ran headlines prominently displaying a medical fact that was dismissed as a “right-wing conspiracy theory” for years by those same media outlets.

Conservative commentators, politicians, and even prominent physicians were regularly deplatformed from social media for stating simple medical facts that have been later proven scientifically, but no apology will be coming from the cult of COVID. Due to the constant stream of propaganda coming from both the media and government, trust in American institutions is cratering, especially among conservatives.

We are all seeking truth, but average people do not have time to sift every piece of data or read every study — they need reliable authorities that can be trusted to help evaluate and understand information. When the authorities charged with this task prove completely corrupt, individuals will speculate and grasp for narratives that help them make sense of the world around them. Many of those narratives will prove true, but just as many will prove false, which allows the left to smear all opposing narratives as “conspiracy theories” that can be easily dismissed.

The right lacks a network of parallel sense-making institutions to offer credible alternatives to the lies of the progressive left, and this puts conservatives at a distinct disadvantage in the battle for truth.

The modern American political system operates as an information-fueled oligarchy in which narrative control is the key to power. When popular sovereignty is the only acceptable mechanism for granting legitimacy, those who seek to maintain power must control the ways in which voters receive and process information.

Progressives understand this well, which is why they invested heavily in controlling institutions like the media, universities, Hollywood, and public education, which shape the way Americans see the world around them. When power is based on narrative control, any alternative story that helps the population make sense of what is happening is a threat to the power of the ruling elite.

This is why progressives work so hard to deny conservatives access to institutions that grant credibility and help to coordinate information. Academics, entertainers, media figures, and anyone else who weaves our cultural narratives must declare allegiance to progressive power constantly or face immediate destruction.


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