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For a More, Fascist Surfer California

Identity has become a dirty word. It’s been co-opted by the enemy so that they may become architect of new identities. Not just architect, but the Walmart superstore of identities. It’s now “fast and easy” as BAP has said. They’ve tried to make it gender a construct, trans as something other as mental illness. They’ve used these infractions into culture to splinter culture into nothing. Now you have all these new identities spreading through society faster than the right can adapt to the new threats against it.

The past held no such debates about identity. You just were. It was already known in the blood. You didn’t identify as English — you were English. You can’t change how you were born. You played no part in the decision. The decision was in some way, fated. The same people who attack racists because you can’t change the color of your skin will also say it’s possible for a man to birth a child, a woman to be as strong as a man.

It’s a holy contradiction. It doesn’t make sense and I tell you now: it doesn’t have to make sense. Don’t try to make sense of it. Don’t subscribe to your enemies the same attention and understanding you would subscribe to your friends. Your attempts at this is how they beat you again and again. You are what you are. What’s in your control is the course of your life.

This talk of identity is inspired by an article on White California entitled, “White Californians as a Prototype for America’s Multiethnic Future.” This article strikes close to home as I’m a Californian native, of the Scots-Irish stock the author — Robert Stark — references in his essay. One of his arguments in the article hits the mark: White Californians don’t have an unifying identity. The outlook for the poor Whites isn’t good in his estimation, but for the middle and upper classes there may be salvation in forming enclaves. The author wonders how the upper class will compete if California goes hard into anti-White politics and also sees some kind of ethnogenesis happening, such as the Castizos(half White, half Mexican).


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