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Ann Coulter Spills The Tea On Right-Wing Media

I remember an old segment from Sam Seder discussing a debate/conference he attended with Larry Elder. He said that behind the stage, Larry would basically drop all of his posturings. For so many of the people on the right, this is a performance they put on for money and power.

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  1. I don’t see how anyone over the age of 12 could be surprised by this. I only believe what they say when it’s been confirmed by multiple reliable sources (e.g., Sailer).

  2. 11:29 The election may not have been “stolen”, but we know it was rigged. Zuck admitted to Joe Rogan that he colluded wit the FBI to rig the election for Biden..51 former intel chiefs issued a widely publicized mendacious public statement obviously designed to fool the public into thinking the Hunter Biden laptop was Russia disinfo. Then there is even further proof of election rigging in Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files.

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