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The Struggle of Remaining an Individual When Collectivism is Demanded


It’s difficult to juggle being an individual with knowing that you will struggle in the fight going forward unless you find your tribe and start to plan. No disrespect to my friend Marc Clair, but I have become a “watcher” of sorts and am saddened by some of what I’ve seen and conversations I have heard. First, I would like to say that I am an incredibly flawed person. Decisions I’ve made in the not-too-distant past caused many—mostly people who don’t know me and probably enjoy watching people with some niche fame struggle—to question my discernment. I admit that I missed the mark. But I have learned from my mistakes and moved forward. Second, I have become much more liberal with those whom I would consider allies than I have been in the past. As Charles Haywood has stated and which I wholeheartedly embrace, we should have “no enemies to the Right.”


We must think of ourselves and our families first and foremost. If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of your family? And if you can’t take care of your family, how will you be of any use to your tribe? I get that some people want to remain completely independent and have no need or desire to team up with others. However, if a time comes when that person needs help, who will they turn to?


We live in a time when individuals are running to churches to help them find the truth they’re searching for. It hasn’t escaped me that many people who abandoned Libertarianism as a “movement,” one in which argumentation and debate are inherent and encouraged, have found their way to religious traditions where they are able to continue the tradition of contentiousness over what is the “real truth” and who are the “heretics.” People I’ve never witnessed being overly animated when it came to politics now reveal emotion when discussing matters of FAITH. Maybe it has nothing to do with the subject matter and everything to do with the personalities involved. Maybe it’s argument for the sake of argument. There is no joy in politics, but there should be joy in your faith. After witnessing these discussions and debates, my question is, “Where’s the joy?”


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