No, the Dinosaur Journos Have NOT “Dropped Objectivity”

by James Corbett
February 12, 2023

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Establishment media journalists are dropping objectivity!”

As a conspiracy realist, you would be right to scoff at a newsboy yelling such an obvious observation as if it were a breaking news scandal of mammoth proportions. “Of course the dinosaur media hacks aren’t objective,” you might mutter under your breath as you pass by. “What are you going to report next, that water is wet?”

But if that is your reaction to such a statement, then what are we to make of the Columbia Journalism Review’s new 24,000-word, four-part report purporting to show that The New York Times and its fellow travelers in the corporate media have done “damage to [their] credibility” by dropping the pretense of objectivity in their reporting on the Russiagate story?

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the I-told-you-so victory lap—”You see, Russiagate was a hoax, just like I pointed out!”—and miss the fact that this is not news at all. In fact, it’s an attempt to cover up the long and ignoble history of the Times and their dinosaur media peers. As a moment’s sober reflection will immediately reveal, the mouthpiece mockingbirds of the controlled establishment media have never been objective and they have no credibility to damage.

If you can see this praise-by-soft-criticism of the mainstream media for the limited hangout that it is, then congratulations! You’ve got your head screwed on straight.

But there’s yet another layer of the onion to peel back if you want to really understand what’s happening here. And once you peel back that layer, you’ll discover that “objectivity” in journalism is not just a pipe dream but a psyop, designed to mislead you about what media really is and how it really functions.

Intrigued? Let’s dig in.


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