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Episode 110 with Corin

Our topics of conversation on KK&F this week cover a wide range — everything from a serious discussion of gun policy in the U.S. to the state of the food scene in Austin, where we’re recording this week. Join Kyle and Corin (in a delightful reunion of the Kyle & Corin Show) as they catch up and delve into the items on their minds this week. Watch below:

Electric stoves prevail in Florida. So why has Biden’s “war on gas stoves” been such a lightning-rod issue for DeSantis? In this episode, Kyle and Corin talk about how DeSantis got his base up in arms about an unexpected issue, and what it could tell us about the upcoming presidential campaign season. Gas stoves, found mostly in the Northeastern United States, nevertheless became a rallying point for conservatives recently, the latest battleground on which the far right has opposed Biden (regardless of the research released on the negative health effects of gas stove pollution). In other words, even though many Florida conservatives don’t have gas stoves, they’ve flagged this issue as a hill to die on, a political struggle in which they’re willing to invest time and energy.

What we note about DeSantis’ militarization of conservatives around this issue is his ability to plug into the “outrage of the day” — harnessing the energy of right-wing opposition to Biden’s perceived attack on their way of life. Kyle makes the case that this is a major point of differentiation between Trump and DeSantis that could make all the difference when it comes to the future leader of the far right. Trump is (believe it or not) “less online,” losing traction as he revisits older issues like the 2020 presidential election. In a match-up between the two, would DeSantis emerge stronger, better able to speak to the topics that get his base whipped up into a frenzy? We break things down in this week’s conversation.

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