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‘Trans, Scared, and Stuck in the Men’s Unit on Rikers,’

— Genevieve Smith, features director, New York

Do you read The City? In an era of shrinking local news coverage, especially shrinking local news coverage that isn’t instant-gratification, gnarly-tabloid fodder, the nonprofit newsroom is doing the indispensable work of reporting on the powerful institutions that govern New York and the people impacted by their decisions and/or callous disregard. Today, New York is helping to amplify The City’s reach by cross-publishing its harrowing account of what happens when city officials turn their backs on a once-promising program. In this case, that program is an effort inside Rikers Island to provide resources and support for LGBTQ inmates, particularly trans women, who are at high risk of sexual assault and abuse while incarcerated. This story is an unfolding one, and there will be a new chapter tomorrow, when the City Council will have a chance to grill jails Commissioner Louis Molina on the issue.
Trans, Scared, and Stuck in the Men’s Unit Under Eric Adams, an initiative to protect trans women at Rikers dissolves.
Photo: Ben Fractenberg/THE CITY
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