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Hell’s Vestibule

[Pattaya, 1/21/23]

Pattaya must be the world’s densest concentration of bald heads, huge beer bellies, fake smiles, bullshitty conversations in the saddest English, Viagra and Cialis consumption, and horny wearers of adult diapers.

“Before we get it on, baby, let me change my diaper, or maybe you can do it for me? At least I still have my wits! If I laugh too hard, I’ll spit my denture clear across the room. You didn’t understand one word I said, did you? That’s alright, we’ll help each other grow.”

At night on Beach Road, packs of Indians haggle with Thai or “Russian” whores who stand in the dark beneath palm trees.

Prostitute, “800 baht for boom boom, no share.”

Indian, “No share.”

Prostitute, “What are name hotel?”

Strolling down bombastic Walking Street, old Chinese and white men hold hands with unsmiling whores less than half their age.


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