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Dr. Fauci, the Great Reset and Populism with Kim Iversen

Kim Iversen is the host of the Kim Iversen Show on YouTube, and formerly a co-host of The Hill Rising. In this conversation, she tells us about the controversy behind her exit from The Hill. Kim is no stranger to controversy. She’s somebody who outrages people on the political left and right, as well as somebody who has dedicated fans on both the left and the right. Kim and I focus on the subject of populism: What does it mean? How is it similar or different from left to right? And whether or not it’s possible for us to have the sorts of conversations that can meaningfully transcend the divide, and bring about the sort of transparency that can once again bring credibility to our institutions. We dig into the question of Populism vs. the Establishment, and whether or not the divide that exists in American politics today is not best understood, not as a divide between left and right, but as a divide between the people and the folks who run the institutions. Kim goes into her opinions on our COVID response policies, some of the way the science was or was not followed by our public health officials.

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