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‘Will Ashley Biden’s Stolen Diary Take Down Project Veritas?’ by Andrew Rice

— Marisa Carroll, features editor, New York

In November 2021, FBI agents appeared at the apartment of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, handcuffed him, and pulled him into the hallway in his underwear. For many Democrats, the dramatic scene makes for delicious schadenfreude: the conservative hidden-camera sting guy finally getting stung. But, New York’s Andrew Rice reports, the moral math is anything but simple. The raid stemmed from the theft of Ashley Biden’s diary, which she kept while in and out of substance abuse treatment in 2019. The raw document had the potential to humiliate her father Joe, or worse, and Project Veritas paid $40,000 to a Florida duo who has since pleaded guilty to stealing it. Though Project Veritas never published the diary, the payments and paper trail have dragged it into the ongoing FBI investigation — which, even O’Keefe’s staunchest critics admit, could be bad news for all investigative journalists. Andrew, fresh off his Hunter Biden laptop investigation, reports another thrilling deep dive into the conservative media underworld.
Will Ashley Biden’s Diary Take Down Project Veritas? After a decade of punking liberals with hidden-camera stings, James O’Keefe becomes the story.
Photo-Illustration: Adam Maida/Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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