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Multiculturalism is Not What You Think

This feels like a long rant…

I think most of you know that I grew up in New York City, the Bronx to be exact. I left when I was eighteen years old and have only returned to visit. People ask me if I miss the city. I miss the food and enjoy hanging out with a few friends when I do visit, but the idea of living there again makes me anxious. I love the South and feel comfortable in exceedingly small towns.

When most people use the term “multiculturalism,” I believe they’re thinking of metropolitan centers like New York City, places where people from many nations have gathered. However, when I use the term “multiculturalism,” my intent is for you to think of it as a weapon. I am referring to the injection into our population of people from Cultures vastly different than those of the historic United States. I remember watching a documentary about the US-instigated conflict that tore apart Yugoslavia that highlighted two families, one Muslim, the other Christian, who had been neighbors for over a century. The patriarchs of these families were crying as they said goodbye, having to go their separate ways because of the sectarian nature of the war. Why were a Muslim and Christian family able to be neighbors for over 100 years? In my opinion, it’s because they shared a common Culture.

But we live in the United States, and a good question to ask ourselves is whether it has had a coherent Culture since its founding. Many say no, that there were many Cultures prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Some say the Bill of Rights is our Culture. Right now some of you may be asking, “What is a Culture?” The person who has a simple answer to that question doesn’t know what Culture is. It’s truly a mystery and falls in the realm of the metaphysical. Paul Fahrenheidt and I read Francis Parker Yockey’s “Articulation of a Culture” here. It is the closest explanation of Culture that I can think of.

However one defines Culture, applying the “multiculturalism as a weapon” definition to what the United States and its citizens have been subjected to is, in my opinion, a misnomer. According to what I’ve seen, both US citizens and those forced upon us through mass legal and illegal immigration are not suffering from multiculturalism, but active Culture distortion. The people currently in the US are being deracinated from any Culture to which they are clinging and are being molded into a blob of global citizens with the sole purpose of serving the very Culture Distorters that are victimizing them. Just look at the “transgender movement.”


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