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Beast Mode Ahead

[Bangkok, 10/13/22]

Yesterday, I went to the US Embassy to apply for a new passport. As expected, it’s in an affluent and sophisticated neighborhood, with the ambassador’s residence set apart from the embassy itself.

It’s a country estate on the most expensive street in an overcrowded city, befitting a representative of the baddest and coolest empire ever. As I photographed its gate, a chubby white woman with green hair and a cutesy tattoo on her arm walked into the frame. For some reason, Bangkok has more tattooed white people than just about any place on earth.

Since the 9/11 false flags, many American embassies and consulates have turned into fortresses, with armed soldiers, concrete barriers and even adjacent roads blocked off, but the Bangkok one is quite low key, with all its employees, Thai or American, very pleasant. Though dealing with bureaucracy is never fun, I managed to handle yesterday’s procedure with only minor confusions. Since cameras weren’t allowed inside, I had to leave my bag with some guy 200 yards down the street. Charging $6 per bag, dude has a nice, sweat-free business going.

In the same neighborhood are also embassies of Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Poland, Czech Republic, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, the last directly across from the American ambassador’s residence. I wonder if Robert Godec has an occasional nightmare of Vietcong sappers scaling his not-high-enough walls?


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