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How They Use the Most Vulnerable to Satisfy Their Perversions

Note: Some of our minds may be trained to read CPS in this Substack as Child Protective Services. As many problems as exist within that organization, this is referencing Chicago Public Schools.

Long time readers of this Substack know that I’m always on the lookout to expose the perverted monsters who prey on kids lurking in the shadows. However, sometimes they work boldly in the open for all to see. The following may be the most graphic information I’ve shared with you, so some of you may wish to stop reading.

I’ve said in the past that if someone knows they are a sadist, they may seek employment which allow them to commit violence without consequences. Law enforcement comes to mind. If someone wanted to molest children, they have many options from which to choose. Public school teacher is at the top of the list. Children are the most vulnerable among us and our current system of government does everything it can to separate children from their parents, making them much easier prey.

The Chicago City Wire reports, “Hundreds of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers sexually groomed, assaulted and raped CPS students last school year.” The CPS Office of Inspector General (OIG) received more than 600 “adult on student” allegations in the 2021-2022 school year of which over half have been verified and charges have been filed in 16 cases.

Some of the incidents include:

The OIG found that a CPS Junior ROTC staff member had sex with a female CPS high school student “over the course of a year when she was 16 to 17 years old,” providing her with alcohol and asking her to buy marijuana for him from her fellow students.

An investigation revealed “hundreds of text messages and calls” between the CPS staff member and and student, including “overtly sexual” ones.

“I’m ready to f*** right now … I’m not gonna be gentle either,” the staff member texted the high school student.

He later “threatened to kill the student and her family” if they disclosed the relationship to investigators.


An employee of a CPS vendor “asked a fourth-grade student why her lips were chapped, and then stated that the student’s lips were chapped because she was ‘sucking dick.’

A CPS elementary teacher who “sexually touched” a CPS student repeatedly over several years, when he was 11 to 14 years old. He also “purchased food and gifts for the student and members of his family,” and “spent the night in the student’s bedroom, having sex with the student.”

A CPS charter school administrator who “took a high school junior to a Broadway musical in downtown Chicago.” During the performance, the administrator allegedly “touched the student’s leg with his own” and then, while driving the student home “slid his hand down inside of the front of the student’s pants and touched his genitals.”

The administrator later took the student on trips to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, Ibiza and the Bahamas.

An employee of a CPS vendor “called a fourth-grade female student ‘sexy’ and made other prohibited comments to her about her physical appearance.”

I have spent considerable space writing here on Substack about “groomers,” “Gay, male kindergarten teachers” telling their students about their weekend trips with boyfriends, and other incidents which are properly understood to be all-out attacks on your children’s innocence and violations of your parental rights. It’s clear from the information in the Chicago City Wire report that the wolves are already in the henhouse. And there are many wolves. If they have infested schools what other institutions have they flooded?

As a people, a culture and a country we are no longer under attack from the outside. The enemy breached the gates long ago and is running wild. They control not only the narrative, but the halls of most every institution. The black-pill is that most people who oppose the actions and ideology espoused and implemented by these monsters realize the danger but are either too apathetic or too demoralized to do anything about it. Evil people surround us. If you’re in an area where this insanity hasn’t spread, stay vigilant because it’s coming. I hear from people in remote areas who are fighting against its spread. This insanity either stops now, or it consumes us. Putting your fingers in your ears and screaming La-La-La will not only spell your demise, but more importantly, your kids’. The decision to act is up to you.

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