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“The Grotesque Lies That Keep America’s Phony “Gun Debate” Going”

BBC Assault Weapon Fire Rate Chart… suspect

LAProgressive is not a bastion of constitutional scholarship, at least on civil rights with which they disagree. As the title suggests, they are antithetical to the 2nd Amendment and firearms rights. They consider the acting of owning a firearm absurdly hazardous. So this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

However, I want to see what a group who has never met a stat they wouldn’t spin into tragically comical hyperbole (so long as it would make it horrific enough to push anti-gun agendas) are claiming about ‘grotesque lies’ about the gun debate. Others have since grabbed this thread and ran with it if you’ve seen more recent headlines.

Please note, I have edited the article subheading a bit for clarity. TEXT: is the original phrasing with my clarifying edit afterwards.


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