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Matt Binder on Elon Musk, SBF & the SCAM Economy

Episode 104 with Matt Binder

He’s back! Journalist Matt Binder has been reinstalled on Twitter after being suspended by Musk for commenting on the suspension of that @ElonJet account, which was accused by Musk of “doxxing” in one of his latest dust-ups on the site. Now, Binder is joining us for the latest episode of KK&F to talk about the massive issues of free speech Musk is perpetuating as Twitter CEO — when his stated purpose was to make Twitter a “free thinker” haven. Watch below:

It seems like every few days a new free-speech scandal, UI nightmare, or flame war goes down with Musk at the reins of Twitter. (Maybe you like knowing how many views your Tweets are getting, but it feels like the latest unwanted design nightmare under the leadership of the guy who proposed single-lane car tunnels under Los Angeles.) Matt, along with other journalists from outlets like CNN and the New York Times, found his Twitter account shut down over commentary on the site’s new policy surrounding the sharing of people’s real-time location info.

Funny enough, Matt’s suspension ended up exposing real technological issues in Twitter’s system after he was able to join a Twitter Space — turns out the Twitter suspension didn’t extend to the platform hosting that feature. (We joke about how Matt should get some kudos for pointing out this design flaw.) With massive layoffs racking the company (half of its employees were fired in early November), the site’s interface has suffered — and more serious difficulties for its users are likely on the way.

Why, then, did Musk focus on banning the promotion of other, “competitive” social media platforms like Mastodon on his site, a policy so inflammatory that it’s since been rolled back? And why were some social media platforms the focus of his ban, while others, like TikTok, remained untouched? Our purpose in the conversation with Matt is to get a sense of the political and economic agenda behind these decisions — it may not be as easily spelled out as “free speech” for all.

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