ABC reporter Kristen Hentschel paid thousands by lobbying firm to make hit pieces on politicians: report

By New York Post

An ABC producer used her credentials to create fake hit pieces on local politicians in Florida while pocketing thousands from a political lobbying firm, a report said.

Freelance producer Kristen Hentschel — who mostly worked for “Good Morning America” — was paid at least $14,350 by an Alabama-based political consulting firm Matrix LLC to sandbag the environmentally-friendly politicians with bogus questions, according to a report released Wednesday by NPR and Floodlight.

Hentschel claimed to be working for ABC while filming the hit piece. The company said she had not been assigned to the story.

“Kristen Hentschel was a freelance daily hire who never worked for ABC News on the political stories referenced in the NPR article,” the network said in a statement.

Hentschel, who has been fired from the network, primarily did freelance work for “Good Morning America,” the same show plagued by rumors of an affair between hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes.


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