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Who are ‘My People’?

Many who are motivated by one political issue make it a habit to ally with people who agree with them on said issue, but ignore those people’s belief systems beyond that sphere. The anti-Empire, anti-war journalist Caitlin Johnstone is a perfect example. Because she agrees with them on one subject, many are willing to give her a pass on her defense of Marxism and the moving forward of radical Left-wing agendas:

Notice her device in the first Tweet. She compares the documented Trans Agenda to nuclear war, relegating it to the category of meaningless in the face of annihilation. Unfortunately, this kind of technique is eaten up by those who struggle with nuanced thought. In the second screenshot, she uses the approach of calling out anyone who embraces “anti-wokeness” as a Republican, a sheep and an NPC. “You don’t want to be viewed as a Republican, sheep or an NPC, do you comrade?”

Recently, many people have come together from diverse cultures and belief systems to fight the COVID regime. However, that in no way means that when you look to the future, one in which you are seeking to build community that is intended to resist the anti-human regime in power, that the ones you fought side-by-side with against COVID tyranny are the same people you want to rely upon for the road ahead. Sure, some may be fellow travelers, but the fight ahead is too important to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Caitlin Johnstones of the world.


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