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Podcast — Maj Toure — Fighting Censorship, False Flags, and the New American Revolution

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Maj Toure is an American libertarian political activist and rapper. Toure is closely associated with the Mises Caucus wing of the American Libertarian Party. A native of North Philadelphia, Toure founded the educational nonprofit organization Black Guns Matter in 2016. Through the Black Guns Matter movement, Toure and his group educate and inform urban communities about their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities — and they do it all for free — funded by donations.

On this podcast, Jason and Matt sit down with Toure to discuss the importance of armed societies and their role in preserving liberty. We discuss the how and why behind a mass censorship campaign to silence those who espouse these ideas and how that campaign — although it has purged many social media accounts — is failing to stop the idea whose time has come, freedom. We also discuss government false flags and gun control, the collapse of the modern empire, and the importance of finding common ground, even when dealing with political opponents, the cultural revolution and how the younger generations aren’t accepting the statist paradigm, why Maj is a Libertarian and why he rocks with the Mises Caucus.

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