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Weakness Has Become a Virtue

It’s no coincidence that any Western leader who presents himself with even a hint of masculine power is looked down upon by most of the West’s elite and their apparatchiks. The Vladimir Putins and Viktor Orbáns of the world are looked upon as throwbacks to a bygone era in which men didn’t embrace their “feminine side” and were always in danger of slapping their wives in public for “back-talking them.” Giorgia Meloni of Italy acts like she could whoop the ass of most of the male “leaders’ on the world stage, especially the majority of. There are very few “Western leaders” who appear capable of “taking care of themselves” in any confrontation. And even if they could at one time, most leaders’ “Corn Pop” days are long gone.

There was a time when leaders were expected to be manly and intimidating. President Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe and achieved a five-star rank of General of the Army. George H.W. Bush was not a great Statesman but at least he presented as one aesthetically. Now we have a dementia patient as president. When you scan the globe examining world leaders what do you see? Justin Trudeau looks and acts like a faggot. And Emmanuel Macron makes Trudeau look butch in comparison. But the elite want them in power. However Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, a man who rejects the modern, weak persona of a leader, must be removed. And yes, I know that Putin, Orbán and even Meloni at least outwardly reject the march of Globohomo into their countries, but finding a leader in the West who presents themselves as masculine and supports Globohomo’s mission is a challenging task.

What does that say about the future? It should alert you to the fact that any State texts or “mainstream” books are going to be teaching your kids that masculinity is not only toxic, but immoral. It also means that “leadership” is going to be weaker. Weak men are inclined to use violence immediately when their authority is challenged because they lack the confidence, and even humility, to examine a situation and game-theory it out before reacting. Weak men also lack the trust to surround themselves with competent counsel because they feel threatened by anyone with superior insights to theirs. If you can’t recognize how dangerous that is, and how it is already affecting us in huge ways, you will not be able to predict the hell that will rain down upon us by having these people in charge. With the most insecure and fragile among us leading, one must ask how anyone expects our situation to improve.


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