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Saturday Commentary and Review #106: Liberal Interventionists Running Victory Laps, Post-War Prosperity Blip, US Expats Flood Mexico, more!

Liberal Interventionists Running Victory Laps, Post-War Prosperity Blip, US Expats Flood Mexico, Rise of Fall of the IDW, Collapse of Scottish Clan System


If you build a system that benefits your interests, you will do the best you possibly can to preserve it, perpetuate it, and possibly expand it. If you convince yourself of its inherent goodness and righteousness, you have a religious conviction. If you can mix material self-interest and firm religious conviction, “holy war” occupies a prominent place on your menu.

With the failure of Russia to deliver the coup de grace to the US proxy forces in Ukraine, jihad is back on the menu for liberal interventionists in America. Francis Fukuyama has busied himself with running victory laps on Twitter, as Tehran deals with insurgency and cross-border raids, China deals with COVID protests, and Ukrainian forces continue to hold out against a Russia that calmly proceeds to degrade their capacities to fight back. The worst of the “expert class” are drawing bad conclusions once again; they are convinced that they have been right all along and that everyone else has been wrong. It’s not their ideas that were bad, it was only certain parts of their execution. REAL LIBERAL INTERVENTIONISM HAS NOT BEEN TRIED!

As the Biden Regime continues to stabilize the USA internally, this decade will also see more efforts to revert to the globalist mean: a coming #unBrexit is in the cards, all it will take is a few politicians with “courage”, for one. The bureaucrats in Brussels (and in national parties like the Greens in Germany) are conspiring to blast open the doors to allow in millions of more migrants. The populist challenge has been fended off, in the eyes of the experts, and now it’s time to get back to business. Part of this business is the maintenance and expansion of US hegemony in the name of liberal democracy, and George Packer is here for it.


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