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Note to Readers on the “Twitter Files”

Explaining a few things I couldn’t before, and getting back on schedule here at TK


Later today, an annotated version of last night’s “Twitter Files” thread on the removal of Donald Trump, along with new commentary on what’s been published so far, will appear here on TK. After a crazy week, during which I’ve been in the unnatural position of feeling a need to keep quiet, I can get back to writing as usual on this site.

More importantly, I can now explain some things to TK subscribers, not only about the events of the last week, but about where the Twitter project stands and where it may be going. But first, a few words about what’s happened to date:

The “Twitter Files” story came together quickly. In fact, things happened so fast that the note I wrote to you all last week just before publishing the first thread represented the first real pause across four frantic days of traveling, writing, and reporting. The timeline will show I participated in the Munk debates in Canada two Wednesdays ago: after, I slept for a few hours, had a hotel wake-up call at 2:45 a.m., and flew to San Francisco. There, I spent a day at Twitter digging through the first data set, got on a redeye back to New Jersey, stepped off the plane and immediately started writing.

In the rush to get all this done, I chose words poorly. A lot has been made about the line about how I “had to agree to certain conditions” to work on the story. I wrote that assuming the meaning of that line would be obvious. It was obvious. Still, the language was just loose enough to give critics room to make mischief, and the stakes being what they are, they of course did. That’s on me, and a lesson going forward. For the record, the deal was access to the Twitter documents, but I had to publish on Twitter. I also agreed to an attribution (“Sources at Twitter”). That’s it.


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