Culture Wars/Current Controversies


Table of Contents 00:30 What is ? 01:15 Truth about central banks 05:15 What is open source intelligence? 06:12 Who owns the Federal Reserve System? 07:50 Powerful Families 08:50 Focus on the ideology not the individuals 10:55 Is government always used as a tool for “the elite”? 12:58 Is the Round Table group still involved in world domination? 17:35 Royal Families and the Vatican 19:52 Country/Empire leaders used to be worshiped as gods 21:10 Democracy scam exposed 21:40 Eugenics, modern day scientific population culling. 23:55 Bill Gates Sr. and Planned Parenthood 26:30 The Good Club Meeting with Rockefeller, Gates, Buffet, Turner, Oprah 28:18 Over-population myth 32:00 What is the end goal of eugenics/reducing the population? 34:13 Satellites will watch you in real time. 36:50 Control freaks have intelligence but no empathy 39:00 Elon Musk and Neuralink and Technocracy 41:00 Event 201 planned the scamdemic? 44:55 Klaus Schwab and his masters 45:52 We were all lied to about WW1 in school 46:51 The US knew about the Japanese Peal Harbor attack and let it happen. 47:46 The Nuking of Japan was unnecessary and pure evil. 49:40 Satanic Death Cult proof? 52:12 9/11 was predicted by a TV show 6 months before??? 52:40 Who flew the 9/11 planes that crashed into the towers? Operation North Woods 57:47 Jehovah Witness and the United Nations/ Christian Anarchism 59:15 How can Anarchism work? How can society run without government? 01:02:14 The idea of government/ democracy is nonsensical and illogical.

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