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Trump IS Nick Fuentes


Who’s the happiest guy in America this week?

Nick Fuentes. In a matter of days, he’s gone from total obscurity to the most famous person in the country. Everybody’s talking about him!

Until he had dinner with Trump, literally, no one had ever heard of him (except various “hate watch” groups scamming money out of the perpetually alarmed). That’s not for lack of trying on Fuentes’ part. He was doing anything he could think of to get people to notice him.

You say praising Hitler will get me in the news? Watch this!

[Twenty researchers at People for the American Way earnestly type up reports titled, “The Dangerous Rise of Far-Right Extremism,” then blast them to the Upper West Side.]

Serendipitously, Donald Trump is also desperate for attention. As president of the United States, he used to brag to anyone who would listen about the important people who called him. (You know, the way a lot of serious adults do.) Rupert Murdoch calls me every day!

He proudly produced the letters he’d exchanged with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to journalist Bob Woodward, telling him the letters were “soooo top secret,” and asking Woodward (again, a JOURNALIST) (for The Washington Post!), “Don’t say I gave them to you. OK?”


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