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Centrist Caesarism?

Some speculations on the possibility that Caesarism in the West could well be ”Classic Liberalism”.

I was recently watching a video of Brett Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, on Odysee in which they lamented the shambolic state of political discourse in America. Weinstein and his wife found themselves on the wrong side of the system’s narratives regarding the pandemic and the vaccination program and have suffered some mild censorship because of it. According to the pair everything is ‘‘FUBAR’’ to use an old American military term. The institutions are corrupt, academia is an ideological madhouse, the media is captured, the politicians are insane, the normies are all but braindead.

Weinstein cited abortion as a perfect example of a fundamental divide, one side supports policies which are tantamount to infanticide while the other — driven by religious zeal in Weinstein’s view — would see victims of rape be forced to give birth the offspring of their rapist.

Weinstein and Heyer, one Jewish and one white, represent an upper middle class demographic of highly educated people who, in Weinstein’s view, are completely voiceless. They are then, the Classic Liberals. They concede that on extremely rare occasions an individual can be confused by their sexuality, but they oppose ‘‘gender ideology’’. They aren’t racists but think immigration should be controlled, they oppose critical race theory and generally hold what amounts to a race-blind civic nationalism. I suspect Weinstein’s background would make him wince at the thought of unfettered free speech, though they’re most certainly opposed to the blanket censorship we see today.


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