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White Pills, and Black Pills, and Everything in Between

Occasionally, I am compelled to share my true inner thoughts on what I am seeing in the world and how I believe we should be moving forward. Yes, unbelievably, I do hold some of my thoughts back. If you’ve been reading my Substack for a while, portions of the following will sound familiar, but we often must hear things more than once for ideas and actions to properly sink in.

The first thing I have to say, and I know I’ve said this way more than once, get out of cities. Move to the smallest town you can handle living in. From 2009 until August of 2021, I lived in what was technically Atlanta, Georgia. The town goes by another name but if you sent me mail with Atlanta on the package, I got it. It was waaaaaaaay too close to hell. The town in which I currently live has just over 10% of the population of Metro Atlanta and I’m still looking to go smaller. Ignoring the fact that cities are almost overwhelming on the Left side of the political spectrum, if food shortages start, cities will suffer immediately. And severely. You do not want to be anywhere near a center where food shortages are happening.

The second thing I wanted to mention that will make getting out of cities easier; find a job or entrepreneurial endeavor that you can do from home. For obvious reasons this has become a more achievable goal since the COVID lockdowns started. This is a decision one must make. I remember looking for at-home work about 10 years ago and there was nothing for a non-computer-coder to do. Now, however, a lot of people I know in my personal life work from home. The opportunities are there.


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