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Current Events: Follow-up on Predictions from Previous Articles

By Robert Stark

This has been an eventful week for current events with a number of stories relevant to predictions from previous articles. I was somewhat skeptical about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter in my previous article, Elon Musk’s Offer of Freedom through Benevolent Oligarchy. So far, Musk’s acquisition has been a huge victory for free speech but still faces hurtles. I don’t necessarily believe that Musk has ulterior motives. However, what matters is that he is not going to be able to run Twitter as a non-profit, and the loss of advertisers impacting revenue, may cause Musk to capitulate. Musk has blamed activist groups for pressuring advertisers in favor of censorship, but Musk has also suggested giving the civil rights community some say in content moderation. The new Twitter is not going to be a free for all, but overall will still be better than before.

Recently leaked documents exposed how Twitter worked with DHS to censor misinformation and hate speech, further showing how intertwined big tech and the State are. This should finally shut down any argument that the First Amendment does not apply to social media because they are “private companies.” Even the increasingly partisan and woke ACLU, is calling out the State for interference on behalf of censorship. Besides less censorship on Twitter, other changes include new factchecking by Musk that even factchecked Biden, mass layoffs of woke corporate leadership, which was the first ever “based” layoffs, in contrast with the woke layoffs at companies such as Twilio. Other changes include modifying Twitter’s algorithms to stop spamming feeds with recommendations for all kinds of random nonsense, a proposed edit button, adding a longform tweet feature, and a fee for blue check verification badges, which changes blue checks from a status symbol to a utility, and from a gatekeeping mechanism to a product.


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