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Transgenderism is Based in Social Conservatism

Readers of this blog will be aware of my rather dim view of certain social movements which claim to be liberal and progressive, but are the opposite of what they claim. On a previous blog, I wrote more than a few posts about how SJW-ism and the many causes promoted by it are actually quite regressive and driven by an incessant need for constant external validation. I have also been a strong supporter of unpopular causes, such as freedom of speech, which is currently unpopular because people such as Alex Jones have invoked it to defend their behavior. Furthermore, unlike many self-anointed progressives, it is my opinion that giving more consent or power to governments and corporations is a really bad idea. My beliefs therefore don’t fit within the intellectually dishonest ‘left-right’ classification which dominates the worldview of dumb incestuous circle-jerkers aka “famous credentialed public intellectuals”.

Some of you might be aware that I have written a previous post on this blog describing how contemporary elite support for transgender rights is linked to neoliberalism. In it, I covered issues such as the connection of this ideology with neoliberalism and late-capitalism and how the institutional support for this ideology is eerily reminiscent of past support for other bad ideas such as eugenics and residential schools for natives. To put it another way, I am not a big fan of that ideology- especially the way in which its proponents are trying to force their worldviews on other people. Some might ask.. “how is that different from struggle for gay and lesbian rights”? Well.. I am glad you asked, because there is a big difference between them and transgenderism.

But before we go there, let us be clear about something- I have always believed that no person or institution has any right to tell or enforce how another person should live their life or who they should have sex with- as long as it does not involve animals or children. In other words, society should not discriminate between people irrespective of their sexual preferences and lifestyle. But isn’t this belief at odds with my thoughts about the ideology of transgenderism? Well.. no, because gay and lesbian rights are not even remotely in the same category as transgenderism. Confused? Well.. here is the long-form explanation which starts by looking at how the modern gay and lesbian rights movement came into being and succeeded.

The modern movement for gay and lesbian rights in West started during 1960s. While there are many reasons why it started at that time- it is best understood as being an extension of the sexual revolution and various civil rights movements. It then grew as a movement for equal legal rights and legal protection from discrimination. And there is a very good reason why I am emphasizing the part about legal equality. Over the next few decades, this movement was primarily and heavily focused on achieving legal equality rather than social acceptance. But why? Why focus on the legal part and not the social part. The simple answer to that question is that legal equality is readily attainable while social acceptance cannot be forced.


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