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‘Free Speech Doesn’t Mean Freedom from Consequences of that Speech’ OH, FUCK YOU!

We have all seen the above quote posted on social media on many occasions. Usually by some scold in the journo class after someone on the Right bemoans censorship. “If you’re going to say something mean, expect there to be consequences!” This from the same people who told coal miners to “Learn to Code” when coal jobs were drastically cut. Yet, when those in the vile journo class were being laid off a few years ago and sane people, recognizing journos for the enemy they are, threw “Learn to Code” back at them, it was sane people who were permanently suspended from Twitter. Pointing out the inconsistencies of the repulsive Left has become tiresome but is relevant to the title of this Substack.

The fact is there are groups of people who suffer no consequences for the words that come out of their mouths, or those they “put on paper.” One such group is the aforementioned odious journalist class. The only protection in the Bill of Rights that they fully believe in is “Freedom of the Press.” The Press in this country is free to lie us into war (Iraq, etc.), suppress information about behind the scenes dealings a presidential candidate may have with foreign powers allegedly hostile to Americans (Hunter Biden’s laptop), and actively promote false narratives like the anti-White lies in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Remember, up until Rittenhouse’s trial there were journalists still reporting that he shot three black people that he had hunted down. Did any of these journalists suffer any consequences for their speech or even issue an apology? The few in the independent media that did were immediately attacked for doing so. Why do the masses allow these journalists to get away with being open liars and propagandists? How do people not recognize journalists as the enemy of the People.


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