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Keith Kahn-Harris

The Holocaust never happened. The planet isn’t warming. Vaccines cause autism. There is no such thing as AIDS. The Earth is flat.

Denialism comes in many forms, dressed in the garb of research proudly claiming to represent the best traditions of scholarship. Its influence is insidious, its techniques are pernicious. All this is bad enough, but what if, as writer and sociologist Keith Kahn-Harris asks, it actually cloaks much darker, unspeakable, desires? If denialists could speak from the heart, what would we hear? Kahn-Harris sets out not just to pick apart denialists’ arguments, but to investigate what lies behind them. The conclusions he reaches are disturbing and uncomfortable.

How should we adapt to the post-denialist era? Keith Kahn-Harris argues that there is now no alternative to enabling denialists and post-denialists to openly express the dark desires that they have sought to hide. The prospect of allowing their darkest desires to be spoken of is a horrifying one, but perhaps if we accept the fact of “moral diversity” and air these differences in the open, we might be able to make new and better arguments against the denialists’ hidden agendas.

“This powerful book dives deep into the darkness that drives denial. A very useful book for anyone who is concerned about the state of the world, and a must-read for anyone who is not.”
—Naomi Oreskes


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