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The Founder of 8chan Is Facing Death Threats for Going After QAnon

After spending the last few years calling for the deplatforming of 8chan, site creator Fred Brennan now fears for his life.

He used to think that free speech was more important than anything else. But after posts from violent white supremacists and multiple mass shooters, followed by the rise of QAnon, Fred Brennan had a lot of regrets. Then the death threats began.

Brennan, the founder of 8chan, spent his teenage years almost entirely online. Born with brittle bone disease, he has used a wheelchair for most of his life and has used online forums to connect with the world. In 2013, when he created the anonymous message board, he had hoped his site would become a free-speech utopia—unlike what he viewed as the over-aggressive moderation on the more popular 4chan message board. Sometimes the site promoted free speech, but other times it allowed for the targeted doxing and harassment of individuals, most notably during the Gamergate movement.


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