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  1. Yup. I’ll bet the real number is actually significantly higher than that period I have a large number of conservative Republican friends.

  2. Left wingers, including especially “anarchists” who pretend they aren’t just garden variety left wingers, hate their own parents for making them go to church.

    Of course they will claim Christians are “hypocrites” which just shows that they themselves are religious fanatics, the true heirs to the most radical of iconoclastic Protestants, who also complained about religious people not being fanatical enough.

    You can also see how fucked up personally white Gen X leftists are, their frankly bizarre sexual hangups and extreme intolerance.

    Listen to these left wing white Gen Xers any time, apparently they had trouble distinguishing reality from TV and seemed to believe TV preachers on day time TV were somehow influential and seemed to think Pat Robertson was President. These people believed their great generational struggle was Tipper Gore wanting a sticker on vulgar cassette tapes which they think was horrific oppression.

    Clearly white Gen X leftists have some serious psycho-sexual damage, probably due to being raised by single mothers and being products of divorce.

    It’s really hard to take their so-called “politics” seriously as it’s clearly some sort of sexual acting out.

    People rightly mock boomers but no one is more annoying than Gen X “punk rockers” when it comes to self righteous smelling of their own farts.

    Hey at least the Boomers had good music and sexy women, Gen X punk rock leftists actually listened to that shitty punk rock music even when they were sober. And of course women into punk rock tend to be ugly, out of shape, and mentally ill, with all the tats and piercings.

    These are the people who thought Jello Biafra was an intellectual for talking about “jocks” i.e., athletes, people into health and sport.

    Losers jealous of the good looking, healthy, athletic “jocks” and cheerleaders who got good grades.

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