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The U.S. Government’s Vast New Privatized Censorship Regime

Fauci, Jean-Pierre, and Facebook execs get asked pointed questions about alleged censorship. Our attorney, Jenin Younes, explains how public-private collusion and censorship violates the Constitution.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Francis Collins (foreground) and Anthony Fauci (background) of the NIH

Senators and journalists are now asking pointed questions of the defendants in our Missouri v. Biden free speech lawsuit, regarding alleged public-private collusion and censorship. This seven-minute clip of Senator Josh Hawley’s questioning of a Facebook executive is certainly worth watching…

Here’s another recent video clip of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stammering a refusal to answer a question about the Biden administration’s alleged collusion with Big Tech to censor Americans. Correspondent Edward Lawrence asked Jean-Pierre on Sept. 2: “On social media companies, did the administration give Twitter and Facebook talking points over flagging what the president describes as misinformation?” Jean-Pierre asked Lawrence to repeat his question, which he did, adding, “How much coordination is there between the administration and social media companies?”

Jean-Pierre then stammered, “So, I–I–I don’t have anything to–to share with you on that, and I’m not going to comment on–on that right at this time.” Lawrence followed up with, “Because the Attorney Generals from Missouri and Louisiana said there’s a vast censorship enterprise across a multitude of federal agencies.” Again, she refused to comment.


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