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You Don’t Live In Reality

People who don’t live in reality until reality comes for them are not people you want to follow if survival is important to you

– Me

I don’t care what books you’ve read. I bet I’ve read them all and most likely before many of you.

If your answer to the man-made horrors we’re currently experiencing is to prattle on about some ideal world you want to live in, you’re useless to humanity.

You may believe you’re the most moral and righteous person out there but who gives a fuck? You’re useless against any enemy because you live in a fantasy world.

Your refusal to embrace the reality that a unified culture existing under recognized, unspoken norms is the most important factor to achieving peace and prosperity, even more so than economics (go ahead, clutch your pearls), makes any activities you may be engaging in, especially ones that run counter to these facts, moot.

Throughout the multiple wars of 2020, so many of you didn’t recognize the moment we were in, when society changed forever, and you refused to adjust your view of reality. You stuck to your imagined “utopia” and scoffed when I told you to “stop living in Ancapistan in your heads.”


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