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Free speech, the Alex Jones trial, and the responsibility of the media

With guests Adam and Sitch of the Adam & Sitch show, we take a comprehensive look at Alex Jones’s trial proceedings, presenting the civil lawsuit against the Infowars host as an opportunity to dig into some deeper questions of ethics surrounding free speech. Who has the right to make disturbing or misleading claims online? And at what point does it cause harm? If you’ve been looking for a primer on the updates and stakes of this case, look no further: we walk through the latest updates and surprises in the trial, discussing along the way the duty that political commentators have to investigate their claims — and what happens when they deliberately fall short of that duty.

This week, we’re bringing you a lively discussion — and some friendly debate — between KK&F host Kyle and our friends Adam and Sitch of the Adam & Sitch show. Adam and Sitch have positioned themselves as enlightened centrists, taking a critical stance on some issues at the core of traditional left politics but embracing progressive ideas like Modern Monetary Theory. That is to say, there’s plenty of room in this conversation for beliefs to be challenged, new ideas to be introduced, and the latest in big news — from the Alex Jones trial to the limitations of Roe v. Wade — to be discussed from different political angles.


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