The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter: July 27, 2022 BBB Lite Is Still Wrong | Pork for Chips | Putin’s Win in Ukraine

July 27, 2022  •  Weekly Newsletter
Here’s What’s Wrong With BBB Lite

John C. Goodman (Forbes)

Congressional leadership has given up on a $3.5 trillion (or was it $5.5T?) “Build Back Better” spending bill and whittled it down to a much less expensive alternative. But is it that much better? READ MORE »

The Terrible 10

A Century of Economic Folly

By Burton A. Abrams

The U.S. Is Serving Up Pork to Semiconductor Manufacturers

Benjamin Powell (The Hill)

The Senate recently passed a $52 billion subsidy for U.S. semiconductor manufacturers. But there is nothing special about the semiconductor industry that justified subsidies. The bill was just wasteful pork-barrel politics as usual. No wonder it had bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. READ MORE »

The Road to Crony Capitalism: An Introduction

The Independent Review, Winter 2018/19

Sanctions Are Hurting the West More Than Russia

Álvaro Vargas Llosa (National Interest)

Russia may have paid a heavy military price for its invasion of Ukraine, but things look different on the economic front. In the first three months of the war alone, Moscow earned $100 billion in revenue from sales of fossil fuels. Sanctions-wielding Western countries, with winter coming, continue to see their economies crater. Putin has no incentive to end his war anytime time soon…. READ MORE »

Lessons from the Poor

Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Edited by Alvaro Vargas Llosa

Supreme Court Usefully Points Out Erosion of Founders’ Vision of the Constitution

Ivan Eland (Real Clear Policy)

The blockbuster Supreme Court cases on abortion, guns, religion, and climate change have now capped the Court’s session. A common theme? Legislatures, not courts, should legislate. The Framers would be proud. READ MORE »

The Right to Bear Arms

A Constitutional Right of the People or a Privilege of the Ruling Class?

By Stephen P. Halbrook

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