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  1. I thought Kim Iversen was the best part of Rising. She was passionate and well informed about important issues, but also refreshingly personal and emotionally present. The fact that you muttered ‘Good riddance’ says way more about YOU than about her. Calling other people names (e.g., ‘transphobic’) is, I guess, legally protected language under the Free Speech clause in the 1st Amendment, though it seems to sidle up to the edge of defamation. More significantly, however, it is also absolutely the lowest form of discourse, a logical fallacy deployed only to vent one’s corked-up frustration by targeting another person. It does nothing to advance a community’s mutual welfare and understanding, which would be better served through civil exchanges of ideas and values. Instead, Name-calling just spreads further discord.

    I’ll be looking for her next venue….

  2. Kim was the only good thing about Rising. Obviously, the show’s programmers / censors were afraid of the questions she would have asked Fauci, who should be in prison. We will be watching for Kim’s new show. Rising belongs to the losers.

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