Breaking Points: 7/26/22 FULL UNCUT SHOW The recession coming to America

Krystal and Saagar discuss the recession coming to America, Trump’s beef with Fox News, Nordstream 1 pipeline, insider trading indictments, Ukraine’s blacklist of prominent political figures, Dems’ meddling in GOP primaries, scientific failures on Alzheimers and depression, and Trump world’s plan to remake the federal bureaucracy!


Jonathan Swan:…

Timestamps: Recession: 0:0023:44 Trump: 23:4543:03 Nordstream: 43:0455:26 Insider Trading: 55:271:03:25 Ukraine Blacklist: 1:03:261:12:59 Krystal: 1:12:591:21:13 Saagar: 1:21:141:32:59 Jonathan Swan: 1:33:001:48:21

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