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How to Talk With People Who Disagree With You


Last night on Deprogrammed I tried something a little different. I talked with Hunter Avallone, a YouTuber who says he has moved from the right to the left, in an attempt to first judge his sincerity and secondly to find out where we overlap, if at all. I have a lot of conversations like this off camera, with people who don’t agree with me or sometimes don’t even understand my opinions (or vice versa). In the end I think the talk with Hunter proved to be a good demonstration of HOW to have a conversation with someone who disagrees with you, without it resorting to name-calling or trying to “win” something. Of course, in order to do that, the other person has to be willing as well, and I’m grateful that Hunter was open, civil and seemed genuinely interested in the conversation. We ended up agreeing on more than I thought we would, and on the places we didn’t, I think we came to at least understand each other better- which is the point of any of these kinds of talks.

(You’ll have to skip ahead to 29:15 for the beginning of the conversation, unless you want to hear talk about cowboy boots and watch my power go out, LOL). I know this won’t appeal to people who like “debates.” I don’t enjoy participating in debates, though I do enjoy watching those who are talented at it. This is simply a conversation, and it unfolded like most of mine do when offline.

A few of the things I try to do when talking with someone who disagrees:


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