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Should Twitter BAN Jordan Peterson for Deadnaming? Trans Activist Esperanza & Kim Iversen DEBATE

After the online debate a couple of weeks ago between friend of the show Olayemi Olurin & Brie’s rising co-hosts Kim Iversen & Robby Suave, Briahna wondered if it were possible to have a different kind of conversation if 1) it were longer form, and 2) it included a Trans leftist. This episode is the result of that experiment. Kim Iversen joins union organizer Esperanza to discuss the viral Rising segment and whether there is such a thing as a legitimate speech concern when the already vulnerable trans community stands to bear the brunt of the consequences. They also discussed the viral colloquy between Berkeley Professor Khiara Bridges & Senator Josh Hawley last week. Should the left be concerned about the “comms” effects of these viral moments and workshop responses designed to make the fight for LGBTQ equality more accessible? Or is it not worth trying to win arguments with bad faith actors like Hawley?

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