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What The Media REFUSES To Tell You About Ghost Guns…

The media and anti-gun politicians want you to be concerned about “ghost guns.” It’s our job as responsibly armed Americans to set the record straight. In this short informational video, U.S. Concealed Carry Association Director of Content Kevin Michalowski discusses the origin of the wildly sensationalized term ghost gun and what we can do to dispel incorrect information. 00:00 The media likes to throw around the term ghost gun, but what does ghost gun mean? 00:30 On April 11, 2022 the White House announced that the U.S. Dept. of Justice would be cracking down on ghost guns. Will the DOJ crackdown on ghost guns have any effect on crime rates in America? 01:03 Kevin defines the term ghost gun (spoiler alert: it’s a sensationalized term for a partially assembled firearm kit). 02:08 The mainstream media loves to spread firearms myths and misnomers. 02:50 What defines an “assault weapon?” 03:14 Who came up with the term ghost gun? 03:43 What can you do personally to change the narrative surrounding firearm kits?

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