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A Debate: Kyle Kulinski vs. Jordan Peterson

In an episode months in the making, Krystal Kyle & Friends’s Kyle Kulinski is joined by psychologist and political commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson. For Kyle, it’s the “perfect situation” of getting to speak with someone whose work in psychology and philosophy has been particularly interesting to him — but who differs from him significantly on most political issues. They’re here for a back-and-forth on everything from Twitter controversies to Trump, economics, liberal versus conservative mindsets, and interpreting the results of Kyle’s personality quiz.

Watch below:

You’ll be interested to hear Dr. Peterson being asked whether there are any Marxist ideas he finds merit in — after all, from early on in the episode, Peterson positions himself as a staunch ideological opponent of Marx. His response is that leftists are right to take issue with inequality, which has always been pervasive, but that Marx’s error is placing the blame in capitalism. When it comes to creating inequality, he finds more fault in communist nations past and present — Venezuela, China, Cuba, the USSR — than capitalist countries like the United States. And he argues that while inequality has never been vanquished, capitalist nations have enjoyed the greatest increases in quality of life, thanks to the free market.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Consider Kyle’s answer: that in times like the so-called “golden age of capitalism,” under the leadership of FDR, the government intervened in private enterprise, invested in robust social welfare programs, and imposed regulations and checks on capitalism in order to provide for the people. It’s part of a longer conversation between Kyle and Jordan on the subject of which (if any) positive rights the government should provide, which leads to reflections on what we can expect from our government, from our healthcare providers, and from one another.

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