The Nation Weekly: July 8, 2022 Boris Johnson’s downfall, trans literature, YIMBY vs. NIMBY, and more

This week, the world had its eyes on Boris Johnson, who, as writer and Nation editorial board member Gary Younge writes, “was effectively shot by his own troops in his own bunker.”

The recent indignation at Johnson’s behavior—which involves sex, booze, and lies—must be understood as a matter of politics, rather than principle. In Johnson’s departure, Younge says, we are seeing the unraveling of Brexit’s legacy in Britain’s political culture.

Boris Johnson’s Downfall Also Marks Brexit’s Final Act
A potent combination of sex, booze, and lies finally turned the British prime minister’s narcissism, contempt for truth, and blatant disregard for convention from personality traits into political liabilities.
Gary Younge
A Different Kind of Trans Book: On Imogen Binnie’s “Nevada”
A classic of new trans lit, this novel wasn’t written to appease a non-trans readership.
McKenzie Wark
Does Building Luxury Condos Create More Affordable Housing?
Brian Hanlon and Ned Resnikoff write that building market-rate housing lowers prices for everyone while John Washington and Tara Raghuveer argue that the private sector can’t fix itself.
Brian Hanlon, Ned Resnikoff, John Washington, Tara Raghuveer
How Masks Changed My School Experience
Wearing a mask in high school is annoying, but it makes me feel safe. My biggest fear is reliving the nightmare that began in March 2020.
Marylene Bioh
How Many Battalions Does the Left Have in New York State?
After a disastrous showing in last week’s Democratic primary, the state’s institutional left looks weak and inconsequential.
Ross Barkan
“This Is America” With Howard Bryant
Sportswriter Howard Bryant joins the Edge of Sports podcast to talk about the country and his new book on Rickey Henderson.
Dave Zirin
David Cole on What To Do About the Supreme Court, and Sarah Posner on School Prayer
On this week’s episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, a discussion of how to organize to fix the Supreme Court, and a deeper look at Christian nationalists’ influence in politics.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense

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