Rising: July 7, 2022 Full Show

Olayemi Olurin and Robby Soave react to the drop in gas futures.

Olayemi Olurin criticizes human rights abuses at Rikers Island.

Robby Soave criticizes the media’s spearing of Ron DeSantis over the false claim that he signed a bill requiring students to register their political views with the state of Florida.

Kim Iversen criticizes Joe Biden blaming Russia for America’s economic woes.

Hill reporter Rafael Bernal, and founder of Visto Media Giancarlo Sopo discuss the media’s classification of Republican Latina women in Congress as ‘far-right.’

Reason magazine’s Liz Wolfe breaks down her reporting on ‘Bodega Bro,’ who was fired for a series of Tik Toks he made about New York City.

Reporter for The Hill, Rafael Bernal, weighs in on yesterday’s federal appeals court hearing on DACA.

The hosts react to news that Elon Musk and Shivon Zilis are parents of 8-month old twins.



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