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The Nation Weekly: July 1, 2022 Paula Rego’s abortion paintings, January 6 hearings, and more

The Nation

Professor Margaret Spillane has a modest proposal: “Let’s repurpose the SCOTUS building’s Court Chamber, now vacated for summer recess, as an exhibition space in which to honor both Rego and the US women fighting for bodily autonomy.”

The Portuguese-British visual artist Paula Rego was the only major artist ever to have created a series of large paintings of women having illegal abortions. This week, Spillane wrote about the “violent irony” of Rego passing away just days before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

How Paula Rego’s Abortion Pictures Changed the Conversation
When well-meaning critics described her subjects as downtrodden, Rego shot back, “These women are not victims.”
Margaret Spillane
It Was a Coup, and Trump Fully Intended to Lead It
At a surprise January 6 hearing on Tuesday, a former White House aide linked Trump to the whole of the conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election.
John Nichols
How Gayness Changed During My Lifetime
When I came out, I steeled myself to join a minority—only to find that my identity had become a marketing niche.
Benjamin Moser
The Brutal Verisimilitude of “The Northman”
Robert Eggers’s latest work, a Viking epic, pushes his obsessive and detail-oriented filmmaking to its limit.
Erin Schwartz
“I Called Jane” for a Pre-“Roe” Illegal Abortion
No woman should have to go through what I went through, and no woman should have to overcome barriers to obtain a safe abortion.
Carol Chapman
Michele Goodwin on the End of Abortion and Anatol Lieven on Ukraine
On this episode of Start Making Sense, we revisit the history of forced pregnancy under the slave regime in antebellum America, and speculate on how the war will end in Ukraine.
Jon Wiener
Fighting Back Against a Reactionary Court
After Dobbs, Linda Hirshman joins The Time of Monsters to discuss the legal battles to come.
Jeet Heer

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