Jose Nino’s Digest: June 30, 2022 Will the U.S. Lose its Influence Over Colombia?, and more

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Will the U.S. Lose its Influence Over Colombia?

Gustavo Petro’s electoral victory on June 19, 2022 sent shock waves across Latin America. As Colombia’s first leftist president to be elected to higher office, Petro has sparked significant discussion about what his presidency holds for the future of…

Jun 30, 2022Geopolitics & Empire

POLL: Three-Fourths of Americans Believe the Economy is in Bad Shape

According to a CBS News-YouGov poll released on June 26, 2022, three-fourths of Americans believe the current economy is in fairly bad or very bad shape. In addition, this same poll highlighted that the majority of Americans are worried about being…

Jun 30, 2022Big League Politics

Six of America’s Major Cities Experience Notable Crime Increases

According to a report by One America News, 6 cities in the United States are on pace to surpass the violent crime rates they recorded in 2021. For some of these cities, their 2021 crime rates were at record levels. Crime data points to Atlanta,…

Jun 29, 2022Big League Politics

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