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Krystal and Saagar talk about abortion chaos across states, tech surveillance data, Dems inaction on Roe, inflation of July 4th goods, Uvalde police harassment, Giuliani assault hoax, Maddow replacement, rogue SCOTUS, Biden’s oil backfire, and Pentagon mind control experiments with Tara Palmeri!


Tara Palmeri:…

Timestamps: Abortion Chaos: 0:0031:11 Inflation: 31:1242:36 Uvalde: 42:3749:30 Giuliani: 49:3156:30 Maddow: 56:311:04:22 Krystal: 1:04:231:21:43 Saagar: 1:21:441:30:04 Tara Palermi: 1:30:051:41:51

Krystal and Saagar talk about abortion chaos across states, tech surveillance data, Dems inaction on Roe, inflation of July 4th goods, Uvalde police harassment, Giuliani assault hoax, Maddow replacement, rogue SCOTUS, Biden’s oil backfire, and Pentagon mind control experiments with Tara Palmeri!



Abortion Chaos: 0:00 – 31:11
Inflation: 31:12 – 42:36
Uvalde: 42:37 – 49:30
Giuliani: 49:31 – 56:30
Maddow: 56:31 – 1:04:22
Krystal: 1:04:23 – 1:21:43
Saagar: 1:21:44 – 1:30:04
Tara Palermi: 1:30:05 – 1:41:51

6/28 NEWSLETTER: Abortion Chaos, Inflation, Uvalde Coverup, MSNBC Shakeup, & More!

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Programming Update: There will be no Breaking Points show Monday July 4th, 2022 because of the holiday. The first show next week will take place on Tuesday July 5th.
Now to the 6/28 show which can be found here:
The overturning of Roe v. Wade means abortion legislation has been passed down to the state level. With the states deciding their own abortion policy comes chaos because of the dramatic differences between Democratic and Republican states. Blue states are very permissive of abortion and red states are strongly restrictive on abortion. Lawsuits are being issued to challenge red state ‘trigger laws’ enacted to ban abortion immediately after Roe v. Wade, leading a judge to temporarily block Louisiana’s abortion ban. It will be in effect until July 8th, preventing the Louisiana trigger law from being implemented. A similar situation happened with a judge in Utah who temporarily blocked a trigger law. Other states such as Wisconsin, who has a Democratic Governor, are refusing to enforce abortion bans and granting clemency to doctors prosecuted under the law. Now abortion providers in Idaho, Mississippi, and Texas are suing to fight the trigger laws enacted in those states scheduled to take effect later in the Summer. The Texas lawsuit is also focusing on the state’s pre-Roe ban that Texas AG Ken Paxton says is in effect. All of the laws being contested provide few exceptions for women seeking abortions and have been passed in staunchly conservative states.
Corporate America is becoming involved in the abortion battle too. Tech companies are weighing whether they should turn over abortion related data to law enforcement for possible future investigations. The data would be central to a criminal prosecution of a woman seeking an abortion or anyone who assists her under certain laws restricting abortion. It points to large constitutional disputes over privacy coming in the wake of Roe being overturned. The usage of privacy rights via the Due Process clause in the 14th amendment was at the heart of SCOTUS’ legal arguments when the decision was originally decided. A much contested legal justification, its removal will shake up legal arguments around privacy going forward.
National Democrats continue to be pressed on solutions they can enact to help women get abortions in states with bans. When asked by CNN, Kamala Harris ruled out building abortion clinics on Federal land or removing the filibuster to codify Roe. Republicans are also being pressed on abortion restrictions by the media, leading to a gaffe by a GOP candidate about pregnancy after rape. The candidate in question is GOP nominee Yesli Vega, who is running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th district. It is a key swing district and she is up against moderate Democrat Abigail Spanberger for her seat. Against a well known Democratic incumbent with experience winning swing races, Vega’s gaffe could play a major role in the VA-07 campaign moving forward. It’s representative of larger concerns about GOP candidates alienating Americans with zealotry about abortion bans that is deeply against public opinion.
Amid all of the tension around abortion, inflation continues to persist for the American people. Price surges for food, including 36% for ground beef will be felt during July 4th celebrations across the country. Consumers are projected to spend 17% more on their barbecue overall from one year ago based on data from the Farm Bureau. Likewise, costs for financing new cars are up to record highs, and the latest Fed hike will lead to even higher costs in the near future. New car prices are up 12.6% year to year and used car prices are up 16.1% according to government data. The cost of financing a new car hit $656/month and the market is not expected to improve anytime soon. The supply of vehicles is suffering greatly from global supply chain bottlenecks, creating a situation where the demand vastly outstrips the existing car supply. A persistent computer chip shortage combined with geopolitical instability and covid lockdowns in China has decimated car supply chains. With inflation affecting Americans everyday life, from July 4th celebrations to car purchases, it will presumably remain the top issue for American voters.
The Uvalde police have been working relentlessly to silence a courageous mother after she ran into the school during the shooting and sounded the alarm on police mistakes. She was previously threatened with violating her parole by police after she spoke to the media. Now the mother, Angeli Rose Gomez, says cops are harassing her at her own home. She separated from her sons, who were in the school during the shooting, to prevent them from feeling constantly watched by officers. It’s certain she has been interviewed during the ongoing investigations into police misconduct during the mass shooting at Robb elementary school that lasted for over an hour and saw 19 children murdered. The lone gunman who shot up the school has a long rap sheet of deranged behavioral issues, such as referencing school shootings many times online. Users of the social media app Yubo were vigilant about reporting him for disturbing comments made in live chats to little success. The most punishment he received was a temporary ban, and Yubo refused to release information about whether Ramos’s account was flagged. The issue comes during an intense period of debate surrounding social media platform behavior and decisions to censor certain users in the name of national security.
A strange scandal is now engulfing former Trump lawyer and NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, after a Staten Island grocery store worker was arrested for allegedly assaulting Guiliani during a campaign stop. Giuliani’s son is running for New York Governor as a Republican, and he’s expected to win the GOP primary tonight. The attacker expressed frustration about abortion when he hit Giuliani. There was a twist to the scandal when security footage was released appearing to show the assault was less than made out to be. A hard slap on the back by the employee on Giuliani was captured in the tape, a much less serious occurrence than it was made out to be. In response to criticism, Giuliani claimed it felt like he had been shot and he could have fallen over, but the skepticism was prevalent even at Newsmax. He is nearly 80 years old and previously had prostate cancer, possibly explaining his reaction to the situation. The problem is his longtime presence as a public figure, particularly in New York City, raises the bar for how people are allowed to treat him in public places. The grocery store worker was charged with assault after being taken into custody. After the video the charges have been reduced.
The replacement to Rachel Maddow in her primetime slot at MSNBC has finally been named. Alex Wagner has been named the successor to Maddow and her 9PM primetime show will begin on August 16th. Earlier this year, Maddow stepped back from her show to only do broadcasts once a week on Monday nights. A rotating cast of replacements filled the position, causing a noticeable drop in ratings for MSNBC. Maddow was not consulted by MSNBC President Rashida Jones, the network’s new boss since 2021. Wagner was a former MSNBC anchor who returned to the network earlier this year as an analyst and guest host. Between her stints at the network, Wagner held positions with CBS News and The Atlantic. It will be a difficult challenge for Wagner to replicate the ratings success Maddow became by developing a passionate fan base through her outlandish commentary during the Trump administration.
In her monologue, Krystal explains why she believes SCOTUS is rogue by imposing an unpopular ideological agenda at breakneck speed with no restraints. After overturning Roe, SCOTUS is set to rule on whether the Environmental Protection Agency can set limits on carbon emissions through the clean air act. It is likely to block the agency from doing so, a major setback for climate activists. The court’s rulings could entrench corporate power, block programs for the working class, lock in GOP culture war victories, and make it impossible to govern. Idealized notions of the court are being tossed aside for a blatantly political legal agenda to enshrine conservative victories. But it’s not without historical precedent, as other times in American history featured a reactionary court making unpopular decisions without accountability. Think of Dred Scott, Plessy, Korematsu, Citizens United, and other extremely consequential yet unpopular decisions.
In the past, Presidents fought back against a reactionary, powerful court through various means. Lincoln ignored court decisions and rejected the court’s authority to push power back to the people. He proceeded to pack the court, reorganize the judiciary, and blatantly reject SCOTUS decisions in order to fight slavery. As the court rebuilt itself following the Civil War, the Plessy decision came down and marked the end of reconstruction. FDR behaved similarly against a court of pro-corporate ideologues who fought tooth and nail against the New Deal agenda providing material support for working class Americans. Once the court gave FDR an inch in a labor decision, he declared war against the body and issued credible threats to pack the court. Given his electoral mandate, his intimidation worked and his agenda was able to go through.
The Supreme Court is in a moment now that resembles the time of Lincoln and FDR. Confidence in the body is at a record low 25% threshold and reforms to SCOTUS are growing in popularity. According to POLITICO polling, court packing has majority support and other reforms have significant majorities, such as term limits, age caps, balancing the court, and a code of ethics. Right now, Democrats are lamenting being lied to by SCOTUS justices behind the scenes and during testimony. Collins and Manchin have been leading the complaints about being misled, possibly opening the door to impeachment. Any of the court reforms or challenges to SCOTUS would require getting rid of the filibuster or having a strong majority in the Senate through widespread public support. Democrats are not going to overturn the filibuster and lack widespread public support Until it changes, an anti-democratic SCOTUS will lock in the entrenched order and prevent America from working for the majority.
After the monologue, Krystal and Saagar go back and forth on how the rulings by SCOTUS could devastate the government’s ability to fight for working class people. The solution could be for Democrats to win elections and act through Congress, but politics is stagnant so that solution is unlikely. Democrats are unwilling to act on any SCOTUS reforms or procedural reforms to use their power. When FDR threatened the court, he never recovered politically and it rejuvenated the Senate. The GOP politically is likely to suffer more than the body itself because of the process of getting their justices appointed, but Democrats are unlikely to recover in redder states.
In his monologue today, Saagar takes aim at Joe Biden’s failing oil policies in the context of the G7 meeting. The sanctions regime against Russia is not working as intended when the emotional frenzy about the war led to unprecedented action. Russia was taken off the SWIFT banking system, companies pulled out, exports were banned, and the belief was a massive economic collapse would come. Isolating Russia from the west and the international system was believed to be enough to generate a destabilizing economic collapse, but it has not panned out. Even the NYT and officials within the Biden administration have admitted the sanctions are failing. Russia reached an all time high in oil profits, the Ruble is strong, and the Putin war machine is churning. All of this is known to western leaders who are doubling down on the strategy to wage economic warfare against Russia. A ban on Russian gold, the country’s second largest export, and a new round of oil sanctions are being placed. The original oil ban has not worked, so the west is proposing a Russian oil price cap.
The intent is to form a buyer’s cartel and disrupt the excess profits being produced by the western boycott of Russian oil. This policy ignored the reason Putin is raking in profits; oil markets are a global phenomenon and markets go far beyond the west. They envision a cheaper price for oil around the world than the Russians at their discount rate for China and India. One problem exists for the west, which is the limited oil supply they have available for production that would have to be sold to China and India to replace Russian oil. When the plan was announced, global oil prices went up and the cap is unlikely to work as intended. Even the Russian debt default comes with the major caveat that they had the money to pay, but were prevented by the west from moving it around. Oil sanctions are a difficult game to play and it is difficult to minimize the usage in the global markets. Gas is $5/gallon and tons of economic pain are coming supposedly for a far away conflict with no end in sight. Biden’s handling of the crisis has meant sanctioning his own citizenry and European countries reversing back to coal fired power plants for political ends that are not working. The strategy is a disaster and the west needs to figure out a way to end the war so Russian oil can come back on the global market. If not, the world will feel the pain.
After the monologue, Krystal and Saagar discuss the possibility of ending the Russian oil ban because it is helping their war effort and harming domestic populations across the west. They cannot admit paying $5/gallon at the pump to stick it to Putin has failed and change course.
Krystal and Saagar are joined by Puck News journalist Tara Palmeri to talk about her new documentary on the Edgewood experiments. These experiments were a classified project by the US military to assess the effects severe chemical agents and other drugs had on military personnel. Due to ethics concerns about exposing soldiers to military chemicals without follow-up care and forcing them to sign secrecy oaths, the experiments were canceled in 1975 after beginning in 1948. Exposure came during hearings about the CIA’s drug experiments that were highly scrutinized after becoming public. The victims of the experiments are working with Congress to fight for proper VA benefits and get compensation for the ongoing suffering they have been facing. Healthcare for the victims has been extremely difficult to receive because of the secrecy of the experiments. Palmeri’s documentary is airing on Discovery+ and the trailer can be found here. For those intrigued, the first 10 minutes are here and you can check out her reporting at Puck News.

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