Geopolitics & Empire: Ukraine Nationalists Fighting for Globalism, Unipolarity Detrimental to America

Tim Kirby: Ukraine Nationalists Fighting for Globalism, Unipolarity Detrimental to America

Tim Kirby discusses what life is like in Russia and the war in Ukraine. The vicious assault by Kiev on the Donbas region is what has led to the current proxy war. Russia has done a good job of taking territory friendly to it. Tribalism is one of the most powerful factors influencing International Relations. Ukrainian nationalists are really fighting for liberal, globalist, postmodern, and post-nationalist goals. The West and Russia will forever be divided for geopolitical reasons. The principle reasons Russians are angry with Putin are related to the pension reforms and that he took so long to do something about the Donbas situation. We should have a multipolar world where at least America, Russia, and China kind of have some nuclear weapons pointed at each other. The unipolar world has been detrimental to America, especially spiritually and intellectually.

Riley Waggaman: At the End of the Day, We’re All Just Plebs [Members Only]

Riley Waggman aka Edward Slavsquat Edward Slavsquat discusses how Osama Bin Laden took him down the rabbit hole. He totally understands why there’s a lot of enthusiasm on how the Ukraine conflict has karate chopped the ties between Moscow, Davos, and the West…and that Russia has a huge amount of potential to develop in ways that are good for Russians. But…in Russia nothing has fundamentally changed. They are doubling down on status quo policies and holding their own Russian Davos, SPIEF, indistinguishable from the real thing. The fifth columnists in Russia don’t seem to have been rooted out. Even if Moscow turns to Beijing, you’ll get the same control systems that everyone supposedly hates in the West. At the end of the day, we’re all just plebs.

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